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Revolution is a Must! What must be considered? Next is…

August  2013
by Leqa Naqamtee,
Before 22 years:

I grow up in small town with my “colorful” friends whose his father and mother are from Eritrea, Mendefera, another friend his father from Eritrea  Kessela ,Mother from Ethiopia Wollega Hro Guduru, other 2 friends father   from Tigray Axum and Mother from Wollga Mendi. As young friends we were happy and free from any evil thinking about each other. We have been living in love and joy; I don’t remember a single hostile day among us, except childish quarreler immediately dropped. This is just to bring back a good memory of that day. My feeling of that day about the situation in Eritrea and Tigray was not different from what I am feeling about my country today. That day I was highly concerned about the” civil war” in Eritrea and Tigray. I was questioning why Derge doesn’t allow for peace dialogue. Because of this reasons I have put myself out of sight to not participate in to that day free military services.
After 22 years:
As we all know, finally the ethnic based “revolutions” carried in most part of the country completed and have introduced fundamental change in Ethiopia. The changes were followed by opening of new constitution, arrangements of federal political system and establishment of 1 big and other 9 ”small” governments. The Big government is not the federal one. No! I am mentioning TPLF ruled “empire” federal system. The Big one is now the Tgray government. This is undeniable, because of so many facts that I can bring under this article, which is not the case of my today article. To give a dote example; the economic sector is under the control of few ethnic members. Remember the economic sector I mentioned here is the past 22 year’s economic sector. Just simply visit someone from your village affiliated to TPLEF and check the following indicators.
  •  What was  the source of his/ her  livelihood  pre TPLF ruled government, living standard etc
  • Does any change observed in the past 22 years, what are contributing factors for the observed economic development / improvements etc
To be honest today we are living totally in different Ethiopia and “no one” is ready to bring back the old day good memory for the betterment of our today and future because of the evil political seed germinated in the country and growing selfishness in TPLF villages. This is a tragedy. Much selfishness and greed for wealth accumulation from our brother’s side has changed our social values. Our “Tigray” brothers would like to continue to be dominant in every aspects of our life. They don’t care about our “old day” attachments, free from ethnic based feelings we have been sharing on the civil and evil war of that day, secretly shared resources, ideas based on firmly established brotherhoods/ sisterhoods. Regardless of all evil attempts made in the past 22 years to divide us along ethnic political line and attitudes, I am still confident that most of our Tigray brothers and sisters are sharing the same feeling of that day or must work hard to recover it.

Calmly please evaluate the past 22 years overall situations of our country, the majority of Ethiopians have denied basic human rights for which most of our brothers and sisters are sacrificed for. Selfishness sentiment from our “Tigray” brothers are keeping working intensively and aggressively to make all of us slave of our home country. Our politics, struggle and aspiration for democracy is at grave. In the past 10 years new laws are crafted and applied to limit and incriminate our” natural movements, aspirations, determinations, thinking, developments etc”. Our genuine contribution to the development of our nation and homeland is, discouraged, neglected, will be incriminated or systematically protected by TPLF brutal political system. Our brothers and sisters are sentenced a decades and above because of their political thinking and independent attitudes. According to Derge, the yesterday “petro dollar looters”  “prisoners”, “terrorists”, “dangers elements of the country”, TPLF members, are using the same terminology and sentences at their court to incriminate , to keep our peace loving brothers and sisters like Bekele Gerba, Eskinder Nega, Riot Alemu, many other thousands of Ethiopians in prisons. This is a painful experience for which a human being with healthy consciences does not tolerate.   Therefore,

In conclusion
  1. It is clear without further investigations, from overall political, economical and social conditions of Ethiopia; it is observed that change is inevitable. It clearly that arrogance is observed in the villages of few ethnic group family members. In case Ethiopian people tolerate the situation for their good and deep-rooted social values,   God doesn’t accept it. God is always against the arrogances.
  2.  It is observed that change is inevitable. Change is inevitable not because we all are suffering from hate syndrome towards existing government or we all are “chronically mad” not to seek stability. No! It is because we are in a country where there is no “relative” equality between nations. Where few are taking the resources, working to sustain a political firework, the power and the politics to fulfill their selfish lust for “absolute” dominance, this is intolerable!!! At this critical climax change is inevitable. The bell is ringing!!!  Few are not hearing!!! Or decide to not hear!!! This is very dangerous!!! We need to propose the way to out.
  3. The revolution will be supported by the majority of Ethiopians, advised to be carried out in the form of free from antagonism, racism, ethnic divides, and hatred, shrewdness, which is geared towards social and political reconciliations. In this case the political groups, Ethiopian elites , other peace loving groups, democracy loving nations   are expected to prepare “EPRDF inclusive”  “roadmap”, communicate this roadmap widely throughout “preparation for revolution phase”, and convince the Ethiopian people, at least the major actors,  that the roadmap will be in place immediately after the revolution. I called it “Revolution Management Roadmap”. Our inner motive for change should be clean and trustful. God wants from us to prove this if we are exceed positively from the “arrogances “.
  4. It is time to pray and to call for wise, visionary and revolutionary leaders to be successful in managing the inevitable revolution or equally important to prepare for the otherwise revolutionary outcomes i.e. the blessing or the curse.
  5. Above all, “the fear of God must be the beginning of our wisdom”. The failures of others who don’t feared God and keep sustain their arrogances until the end of their history was not good.  Motivation, courage  is one thing, is not everything, wisdom will make us perfect, therefore,   let us pick responsibly the followings at the eve of the inevitable  revolution,
    1. Let’s do the revolution in the lenses of learning  from others  failure (past 100 years)
    2. Let’s do the revolution in the lenses of learning  from our failures (at least past 150 years)
    3. Let’s do the revolution in the lenses of learning  from others success (Past 50 years)
These are important issues protect us from “starting from zero syndromes” and not to be trapped in the middle of “back to square one journey syndrome”, which is usually end up with “stacked in the vicious circle” gambling.
God bless Ethiopia and the nation

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